Unbeatable value


Our pre negotiated supplier rates, nationwide are just one of the ways that we cut your costs. We will also incorporate your existing suppliers. But there’s more to cost than just price – we also make the whole cost centre run more efficiently, saving time too. CTS work with a vast number of suppliers, both regional and national, which allows us to offer a full range of vehicles from cars through to trucks, plus an array of specialist vehicle types that can only be found in fragmented market. We pride ourselves on delivering a comprehensive service that no one supplier can achieve

One single, clear, invoice

We manage the hire from request through to invoice. We scrutinise all incoming costs and make sure that you only get one single, clear invoice that details everything – with any queries resolved in advance. We keep fines and claims down- scrutinising damage claims, fuel and fines and going into battle on your behalf where there are discrepancies. Structured damage process run by our experienced damage negotiation team. Unique process to highlight penalties to avoid on going charges

Cost control

We take control of spend on all vehicles and labour making sure you’re always getting the best deal available. Plus, with one call you speak to someone who can sort out any vehicle and/or driver requirements you need, without being passed around different departments.

No overspend

We make sure you only spend what you need. We understand that sometimes customers end up spending more than they need on hire vehicles because they’re left on site, overlooked because everyone is busy. We make sure that this doesn’t happen.

Effective planning and budgeting

Complete reporting in real-time and historic data to help anticipate and monitor budget management.

No unauthorised costs

We make sure you aren’t wasting your money by setting up pre-agreed approval and authorisation protocols with you

Safeguard against fraudulent activity

built in security checks and protocols to protect your business.

Why our clients use us