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Replacement Vehicles by capacity

We have a wide range of fleet vehicles available for short term, spot hire, all over the UK. Whether you need a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) or a transit or other light commercial vehicle (LCV upto 3.5tonne) we can help. We have fully compliant replacement vehicles suitable for every capacity you need.

LCV (up to 3.5t)

Car derived van/small vans
Short wheel-based van
Transits (all sizes)
3.5tonne flatbed
3.5tonne MWB (medium wheel-based) panel
3.5tonne LWB (long wheel-based) panel
3.5tonne high top panel
3.5tonne ext. panel 4m
3.5tonne with penny lift
3.5tonne Luton
3.5tonne Luton tail lift
3.5tonne low loader box
3.5tonne curtain


7.5tonne box
7.5tonne flatbed
7.5tonne curtainside
5tonne curtainside tail lift
18tonne box
18tonne flatbed
18tonne curtainside
18tonne curtainside tail lift
26tonne box
26tonne box tail lift
26tonne curtainside
26tonne curtainside tail lift
26tonne curtainside with Moffett frame
26tonne curtainside complete with Moffett


26tonne dropside
26tonne dropside hook
26tonne dropside brickgrab
26tonne dropside Moffett
26tonne beaver tail
26tonne tipper
26tonne tipper clam shell bucket
26tonne tipper clam shell bucket
26tonne gully tanker
32tonne tipper
32tonne tractor unit
44tonne tractor unit
44tonne articulated with crane
Crew cabs and sleeper cabs are also available


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