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Secure online portal ctsDRIVE

Our secure online rental booking and management platform called ctsDRIVE provides our customers with 24/7 access to information and booking. It is fully flexible to complement your infrastructure, systems, authorisation and reporting requirements.

Step 1

Secure online portal

Secure online portal
Access anywhere, anyway
Simple registration process
Access can be set at different levels

Step 2

Dashboard: live stats at a glance

The dashboard displays what, where and why you have a vehicles on hire and for how long.
It breaks it down in to vehicles type and reason for hire.
It highlight which vehicles need to go on your operator’s licence as well as any damage claims in the current month.

Step 3

Today’s hires

You can look into the daily hires and see why the hire has been requested.
Split by hire reason:
– Servicing
– Repair or maintenance
– Extra vehicle
– Breakdown
– Awaiting New Vehicle
Plus, 5 longest hire by reason and vehicle type (showing number of days)

Step 4

All LCVs and HGVs on hire

Broken down, detailing every booking
Number of daysImmediate transparency provides opportunity to challenge longer term hires

Step 5

Flagging long term hires

Set vehicle type and duration to pinpoint opportunities to save money
e.g. HGVs over 28 days

Step 6

Online booking form

Dates and times of hire
Delivery location and contact details
Order request details
Select the vehicle (from pull down pre-approved list)
Tell us why you need it
Full authorisation and security protocols bespoke to your business

Step 7

Flexible reporting

Bespoke reporting available
Live hire reporting available
Sort by hire dates/ongoing hire/due to offhireAll extensions checked and confirmed (or cleared) daily