City Transport Solutions (CTS), is gearing up to drive new business and secure client wins through a strategic refocus on tier two businesses. By offering a wide range of specialist replacement vehicles for short-term, spot hire all over the UK, CTS aims to provide these enterprises with access to fully compliant fleet vehicles suitable for their specific requirements. Whether it’s heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) or light commercial vehicles (LCVs), CTS is committed to helping tier two businesses thrive by meeting their unique transportation needs.

Catering to Tier Two Businesses:

While larger corporations often have the resources and infrastructure to manage their own fleets, tier two businesses face distinct challenges in acquiring and maintaining specialised vehicles.

Recognising this, CTS has set its sights on these enterprises, understanding the potential for mutual growth and success.

Wide Range of Fleet Vehicles:

CTS takes pride in its access to a diverse and specialised fleet of vehicles, ensuring that tier two businesses can find the perfect replacement vehicles for short-term use. Whether it’s an HGV for heavy-duty transportation or an LCV up to 3.5 tonnes for smaller loads, CTS has the specialist relationships in place to meet all requirements. By offering a comprehensive range of fully compliant vehicles, CTS enables these businesses to access specialised vehicles without the burdensome costs associated with ownership and maintenance.

Flexible and Short-Term Solutions:

Flexibility is key in today’s fast-paced business environment, and CTS understands the importance of providing short-term, spot hire options to tier two businesses. By offering vehicles on a temporary basis, CTS ensures that these enterprises can adapt to fluctuating demands and seasonal peaks without committing to long-term contracts. This approach empowers tier two businesses to make cost-effective decisions and maintain optimal operational efficiency.

Compliance and Reliability:

As regulatory requirements evolve, compliance is crucial in the transportation industry. CTS assures its clients that all replacement vehicles are fully compliant with the necessary regulations, ensuring legal adherence and peace of mind. By relying on CTS for their specialist vehicle needs, tier two businesses can focus on their core operations while entrusting their transportation requirements to a reliable and trusted partner.

National Coverage:

CTS’s commitment to serving tier two businesses extends throughout the UK. With a wide network and availability of fleet vehicles across various locations, CTS ensures that enterprises can access their services regardless of their geographic location. This national coverage enables businesses in diverse sectors to benefit from CTS’s specialised replacement vehicles wherever they may be based.

City Transport Solutions is poised to drive new business and secure client wins by refocusing on tier two businesses throughout Q3 and 4. By providing these enterprises with access to a wide range of specialist replacement vehicles available for short-term, spot hire across the UK, CTS aims to become the go-to transportation solutions provider. With compliance, flexibility, and reliability at the core of their services, CTS offers tier two businesses the opportunity to enhance their operational efficiency and overcome transportation challenges effectively.


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