In a world that’s constantly driven by technology, data and AI, the team at City Transport Solutions prides itself on offering a bespoke and customisable service for both new and loyal customers.

As a service provider that’s underpinned by innovative technology with the ctsDRIVE portal, real-time human interaction is what continues to drive the business forward and provide exceptional customer service.

As Helen Davey at CTS explains:

“Not all drivers have a smartphone with access to apps and all the latest gadgets, so having direct access to a human being at all times is crucial. Plus, many of our clients are opening new branches and expanding their teams, so while they may come from a logistic background we can’t assume that they can look at a website and know which service to choose or which vehicle they need to hire.”

CTS prides itself on being an extension of their client’s transport department and will go above and beyond to fulfil client needs. As such, they follow a rigorous four-step process to ensure they’re meeting those needs:

  1. An experienced team member will ascertain the right information from the client so that they understand what is required
  2. If the caller is unsure,  a member of the team will guide them through the options
  3. If there’s limited availability on the specific vehicle needed, a team member will talk through what size vehicle is needed, the load it will be carrying and the task it will be used for, to see if an alternative vehicle can be used
  4. Once a vehicle has been found, the compliance team will check that it is compliant, it meets the customer specific requirement and, with HGV, ensure the customer has the capacity on their O licence for an additional vehicle

Offering a bespoke service is what sets CTS apart from other companies, helping to boost customer retention while attracting new customers into the business.

“We’re agile enough to be able to adapt our offering to what our customers need. One particular customer has requested an additional safety check every six months, even though the legal requirement is every 12 months. This is something we can and will be facilitating for them. We will schedule, monitor and record details of each additional test” added Helen.

CTS are service first, tech enabled. As an extension of their first-class customer service, the ctsDRIVE portal is an excellent piece of software for those who like to have 24/7 access to a secure, online booking and rental platform, which also provides visibility of all hire activity.

It has been designed with the customer in mind and is built using a super simple 7-step process:

  1. Secure online portal – can be accessed anywhere with access set at different levels, depending on who will be using it
  2. Live stats at a glance – the dashboard displays what, where and why you have a vehicle on hire and for how long. It breaks it down into vehicle type and highlights which vehicles need to be added to your operator’s licence
  3. Today’s hires – You can look into the daily hires and see why the hire has been requested, e.g. Servicing, Repair & Maintenance, Extra Vehicle or Breakdown
  4. All LCVs and HGVs on hire – details every booking, broken down into number of days, to provide immediate transparency enabling clients to question longer term hires e.g. why has a repair taken so long?
  5. Flagging long-term hires – Set the vehicle type and duration, to pinpoint opportunities to save money
  6. Online booking form – Is a simple, guided process, with autofill of key data and vehicle options to choose from
  7. Flexible reporting – Daily updates and reports to show you in real-time what you have on hire

“Our main priority is to be able to offer a first class service to all of our customers, whether they want to take advantage of the ctsDRIVE portal or speak to a friendly, knowledgable, operator.

A new client recently told us that he wants someone at the end of the phone who can help his operators in real time – he doesn’t want his staff or his drivers to have to worry about finding a computer or being able to access wifi in an emergency or breakdown situation,” added Helen.

In a world that’s incredibly fast-paced and driven by technology, offering human connection is still one of life’s luxuries that CTS happily provides.

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